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Our full length recording method give  the artists a full insight of the workflow, pipeline and a first hand experience of the artists workflow. With more than 35 tutorials and courses covering from Fundamentals, to Houdini, XGen, 3D concept and much more.

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Thales Simonato

Stephen Davison

Tomas Kral

Vinicius Touke

Vinicius Touke

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“This is amazing, I feel really comfortable following Jesus and taking his courses, lots of info that works in a professional environment, really efficient explanations. that’s great.”
Alejandro C
3D modeler
“Since I wanted to start learning grooming, I was googling and saw JF Channel and start my career as a grooming artist. I feel really satisfied since every single tutorial makes me feel like I am learning something new 😊. Thanks to his classes I have a solid knowledge of grooming and work with that”
Vinicius Tokue
Grooming /surfacing Artist
“I had a really nice instructor go over this with me in person but I wasn't getting everything. This tutorial series is really helping supplement some of the info. Thank you so much!”
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