April 15, 2022

Groom Fundamental Series

Groom Fundamental Series

Due to the COVID-19 emergency and knowing that some of us ( Me and my Girlfriend included) are in isolation and we have been recommended not to go out, I decided to help the community releasing part of my content for free.

One of the things we can do to take advantage of this global emergency is to take the time to learn or improve our skills, which will serve useful on a long term for most of us.  And this is a recommendation from me, please don’t hoard and don’t go out if you have symptoms.

This series was originally released on PATREON but I will make it free for all of the people interested. I will put at the end of this page the list of all the Patrons that make this series possible. Remember to share if you want to support the series too, and if you are able to, support the channel as we may be approaching complex times for our industry.

This work is under the copyrights of the UK law  and the Bernie Convention


BeomHee Lee – Tino Latzko – James Hawkes

Donna Rudd – Edson – Genie – Harnick Atur – David Hannah – zeng – EriLee


This is a recompilation of my own perception and theories about groom, I developed my theory while working on Maleficent 2 (Copyrights are owned by Disney) in which I decided to divide the groom structure into 3 main areas.  If you have any request, doubt or recommendation please put it on the comments at the bottom of the page.

This series pretends to be software independent, you will see that XGEN and HOUDINI are being used so far but it’s possible that we will see the techniques in ORNATRIX and YETI. Some of the techniques are easier to use on some softwares, but others are trickier to use too. You will have the possibility to make use of it on the software that you want.


This is the general perception of the macro structure of the groom, influenced by the external forces and behavior of the subject.


Groups of hair that generate the mid levels of detail on the groom, from big clumps to the smaller group of at least 2 hairs.


This is on hair level, each hair has different characteristics that define the micro level, but can overwrite the macro levels too.

This process is a top to bottom structure, taking the flow as the macro growth and behaviors of the subject to the micro level on a FLOW -> BIG CLUMPS -> SMALL CLUMPS -> PER STRAND order.

See the complete series here:

This series will continue by week, and new lessons will be updated. Please share and comment if you like them. And if you are able to, support our channel.


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