January 26, 2023

Haircut Guides - Base Scene

Haircut Guides - Base Scene

Hello hello everyone.

We have been waiting for months to create this series. Some of you have requested us to guide for different haircuts, from short hair to long hair, and for both, Xgen and Houdini.

This has been a long-term goal of the community, I really wanted to do it, but we didn't have a model or a project that gave me the total interest to work on a superior level. So I went, and I created a neutral pose of David. It was a personal process, not the traditional base mesh projection, but I tried to create a default pose from scratch and compare it later to the mesh Wrap Version.

The Bust

There are still things to fix, like the cheeks, some other topological issues, and some anatomy issues, but that's probably minor compared to the product we are going to work on. This project will build different haircuts on David for the fun of seeing him like that and have a sheet set that will help us understand how to analyze references and achieve results.


The goal is not just a single haircut but to create a different style every time and not finish it with a high-quality final render image. So we are not going to aim for a full-finished groom. What we're going to do is to analyze different structures of a groom, and we will create a whole analysis on how to solve them, how to work them, how to work.

The length, the flows, the clumps, and which ways are better to resolve the different hairstyles. So this is not going to be a perfect render. Maybe some of them, we will take them up to that level, but these one is going to be more about the analysis, how to start it, where to leave it,

We will use sheets where we will go and say, okay, this is a big clump. Let me paint in the correct area. This is going to be a big clump here. And then, we will define how dos those clump Leafs, where are the general areas, and how are they defined?

Then, we will try to reproduce all the clumps that we are seeing, intending to replicate the "feeling" and "texture" of the reference, not an exact match. We will take all the analysis, and at the end of the series, we hope to finish with an excellent library of grooms that we can use and reuse.

We will plan to build them in a way that the first pass is going to be fully procedural, which means that we can reuse that as a first step or as a block up of our groom library to start any order grim that will do these series will be for both for action.

We will start with Xgen, then will try for each haircut to repeat the same process in the Houdini version. So thank you so much. I hope you like this series!

The first 12 lessons are up and ready on the Creature Garage Course site!


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