January 3, 2023

Jesus FC Shelf 1.4

Jesus FC Shelf 1.4

1. Attribute by attribute

Creates an inverse square operation to drive a new attribute from an original existing one, and has the option to remap it.

Useful for cases like density, when it depends on the length of the hair, extremely  useful for feathers.

2. Attribute comp

It's a multi-purpose comp node for simple operations between attributes has multi-layer settings and converts attribute classes.

3. Bounding box delete [BETA]

Is a beta tool that deleted the content of the bounding box, while always snapping to the skin. Is in beta because one of the main functions is in the development.

4. Probability Mask

It's another of our main tools, this will let you create a probability-based texture for lookdev and texturing that will be controlled for complex and more advanced groom procedures. It also has a multi-param block that lets you stack multiple masks together. It has operations like comp.

5.Tube to curves [BETA]

Is one of the tools we have currently in development, it helps to create grooms from model proxies and it gives you better control of the result.

6. Group by Mask

Its a multi stack tool that lets you create multiple groups based on existing attributes, Useful to create areas of control on the surface of the mesh and expose them to the groom.

7. Group Stack

Similar to the Group by mask, this node lets you create multiple groups on a single node. Instead of a mask, its based on selection.

8. Spiral

Another flagship of this release. The spiral node is one of the most complete nodes to generate spirals or curls. Oriented specifically for afros or curly hairs. This node has a huge level of control over the curves ot generate complex set ups of guides. Perfect for digidoubles and fast grooms.

*Note: The clump node in houdini 18.5 has a bug that we already reported, as it does not work with curly guides.


1. Attach hair to Skin

Now has a move hair to skin, which would move the whole strand to match the mesh, and root snap only.

2. Clump Color

Now you can control the name of the attribute and change the mode with a bottom instead of the menu.

3.Delete prim percentage

Now it can be control by an attribute mask to enhance the percentage following a painted or existing attribute.

Added a compensate width option to enhance the width based on the amount of remaning hairs.

Fixed the max count to match the full count of the visible value.

4. Hair grometry distributor

Fixed the core to be available in all settings

5. Import guide curves

Change priority of the curves to the blue input. If a wire is connected to the second input it will have priority over the file path.

6. Tangent Noise

Added Tangent and Bitangent mode.

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