January 3, 2023

Lets talk about freelance rates!

Lets talk about freelance rates!

One possible client from an upstate company in NY did not react well when I recommended some freelancers to him, and he was saying that they were too expensive. ( I recommend the jr250USD, mid 350USD, Sr500USd, sup700+ rate per day for the groom ).

So he did not want to go with any of those. So this is fine; if you can not afford a price for an industry professional, you can negotiate with them directly or change the spec of work.

Then he came back after a while because all the groomers he found were charging similar rates, and he wanted to know why are groomers so expensive, mentioning that the rates are identical.

I am SO HAPPY to hear that. We are all finally understanding what the value of our work is. Groom is a specialty and should be paid accordingly.

And should be charge based on the country of the company hiring. If it's an upstate NY company, rates go higher by at least 30%. If the company hiring is in Latin America or any 3rd world country rates, go lower by at least 30%.

It does not matter where you work for, but to whom you are working.

Lets put a ball in the park.

Per day rate at a profesional level:

Junior Artist : 250 USD

Mid Artist : 350 USD

Sr Artist : 500 USD

Sup : 700 USD +

This varies per country, For the USA (LA) probably 30%+:

Junior Artist : 250 USD + 30 % = 325 USD

Mid Artist : 350 USD + 30 % = 465 USD

Sr Artist : 500 USD + 30 % = 650 USD

Sup : 700 USD + 30 % = 910 USD

NY and Chicago 40%:

Junior Artist : 250 USD + 40 % = 350 USD

Mid Artist : 350 USD + 40 % = 390 USD

Sr Artist : 500 USD + 40 % = 700 USD

Sup : 700 USD + 40 % = 980 USD

Supervisor roles:

Sup levels can be up to 2000, in case of ON SET supervisor ( VFX SUP ) as the skill set is different.

Lets talk about your rates and how the countries affect this, where you work, location and industry.

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