January 6, 2023

Now it's the time for Groomers in the industry!

 Now it's the time for Groomers in the industry!

Post from 2021:

With so many Groom jobs appearing in the market, with an insane number of productions happening worldwide, studios are trying their best to get the projects. ( Most studios have to say no because they don't have the workforce ) The groom workforce has the opportunity to receive better work conditions.

We are one of the rarer breeds in the VFX industry right now. And currently, studios are hiring for the January project run. This implies a HUGE amount of work coming to Q1, borders are opening, shoots are happening, theatres will be open again, and online services need as much content as they can get.

This is the perfet time to get better conditions!

1. Better contract lengths. Most contracts should be a year or over a year right now for the groom. Companies are even going permanent in some of their offers in groom.

2. Higher wages, you can ask for a pay increase or a better offer. There are so few artists available right now that you can receive a better offer from a different company.

3. Remote work or half remote. After the pandemic, this is a big one, and remote work can be used as a sound bargain chip. Even if you need to relocate for tax reasons, remote work should be on the table.

4. More holidays are mainly for Europe as holidays are broken for Canada and the US. You can request more days.

5. Relocation packages mean that the company will pay part of fully your relocation package, not just flights that are the least you will receive, but also an amount over the expenses, shipments, furniture, etc.

6. Don't forget that in the UK, Dneg and Outpost pay overtime now. At MPC in my three years, I never did overtime ( maybe one hour because of a silly mistake). We are assets. Groom is one of the first steps in the production chain, which should put us in a position where good planning should leave us over time free.

Canada has overtime by law ( as it should be ). But it may be a big one for studios in other areas.

1. Overall better work conditions.

2. And maybe that promotion you always wanted, or that position you liked so much.

Remember that now most than ever is essential to negotiate, and this is not behaving as a rockstar. You will not ask for 90 days of paid holidays or a crazy boosted wage. But companies need artists. Recruiters need to hire, and Recruiters are hoping you are the perfect fit candidate. That's their job!

I hope we can all find suitable options, lovely friends, and unforgettable experiences! And maybe, a bit more money and better holidays after this movement.

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