Cloth Shader Ball

Cloth Shader Ball
Jesus FC
Lead Groom TD

1. Cloth Shader Ball model

2. FABRIC SCENE with lights

As I promised for $30 patrons you will receive the scenes for the exclusive tutorials!

3. 46 Cloth Texture Pack

Here is one of my texture packs! this one is a cloth texture pack with 46 different cloths!

4. Cloth Tutorial Scenes

Hey! here is the scene and the maps that we used.

5. Material Pack : RUST (PROCEDURAL)

Here comes the first release of the pack Rust, they are completely procedural materials and the goal is to use them as a layer with metals to give more realism.

6. Shaderball Scene

Here goes the scene for you guys to test the materials. The shaderball is from Grant Warwick! I just made it for redshift.
Aces has been used for the Color Management.