Grass Pack

Grass Pack
Jesus FC
Lead Groom TD

1.Grass Pack

Here is the new tutorial and the assets pack created !

2. 128 Grass Variations - Thick

Here is the pack for the variations of the Grasses.

128 More variations and 3 new textures

3. 128 Grass Variations - Thin

Here is the preliminary pack with grass variations, this one will have the thin grass variation. For the final result I will adjust the thickness with wider grass blades.

4. 28 Basic Grass Variations

5. Grass Bundle for redshift (mb )- v1

Here goes my grass pack for redshift with textures and materials.

6. Cartoon plant alpha pack

A new set of toon alphas with cut outs, you can either use the color with alpha or just the stencils over the shader.

7. Grass Pack render PSD

Some of you asked me how did I make the post production on the render so here is the psd file for you to see the process.


First Batch of free packs!!! Here goes the Free leaves pack, you can find two versions inside, the big and uncorrected images and the small and color corrected leaves! This are for mid distances not for close ups, no extra maps needed. The Redshift materials are inside.