Grooming a Rat

Grooming a Rat
Jesus FC
Lead Groom TD

Hello Everyone!!!

The model is finally ready, we will probably do some more updates on it if necessary.

1. Rat Model

The model goes in 3 formats .ma .obj .fbx

And also the new EULA for the non modify or commercial purposes is there too. I did not wanted to add the EULA to the models just to the tools but there has been a lot of people that joins download the models and go away, and also there was a big hack attempt with bots one week ago. Which forced me to add the EULA. If you need any license just sent me a message and we can sort it out. This is by no means to affect any development of a project or anything like that. It's mostly for us to be able to keep doing super high quality models for all of you.

2. Rat Distributor Base

Final scene so far of the Rat.