Red Panda Model

Red Panda Model
Jesus FC
Lead Groom TD

Hello Everyone! Here it's the first model release of the Red Panda for you to test. This model has A Creative Commons so read it just in case.

1. RedPanda Model vAlpha

The first release model is not final, we still need to do some fixes ( that you can see on discord ) and the eyes and other minor details.

Take it for a ride, and if you have any consideration let me know! (Enjoy)

2. RedPanda Model vBeta

As you know I have been working a lot on this project and the beta version is done! @AlejandroCastiblanco made a great work with the model and we just have to test some things, as the mesh for the little "whiskers" and the eye borders.

Also is beta because we may need some minor changes with the groom for the volume and the final look.

Enjoy the model!!