WTF is wrong with my groom

This series is aimed at beginner Houdini users, teaching them how to interpret and handle the skin and strand data of a Groom. As learners progress, more advanced techniques and tricks for getting the best results out of their grooming setups will be explored.
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Jesus FC
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In this beginner series, we will be looking at how Houdini interprets a Groom and how the modifiers are applied to the strands. We will focus on how to properly interpret the data and attributes that are being passed from the skin to the strength. As the series progresses, we will explore different techniques and tricks to achieve the best results with our Groom. This series will ultimately help us gain a better understanding of how Houdini works behind the scenes.

Key Takeaways
This series is designed for beginner and advanced users.


Prim UV and Prim id

Prim UV and Prim ID practical

Point vertex prim


SkinPrimUv practical

Curve U


Point Attributes

Attribute interpolation

From the skin to the strand

Applying the attributes as mask

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